Providing therapeutic bedding and physiotherapy equipment for veterinary practitioners

What we do

BDBCo.VET designs and manufactures equipment to aid the recovery  of your canine patients through increasing their comfort.  At the same time, we aim to reduce costs, free up nursing time and support infection control strategies.

Our equipment falls into two broad categories, veterinary bedding and veterinary physiotherapy equipment. All our veterinary products use tough, stretch, waterproof, antibacterial PU fabrics. The seams are heat welded so that no moisture can enter the high quality foam interiors. They are wipe clean, can be disinfected and may be used in conjunction with heat pads.

We use high quality foams to ensure the beds provide the best quality sleeping environment to your patients. Good quality sleep is a vital contributor to the recovery of patients and this begins with the quality of bedding provided.

Standard sizes are available, but most items are bespoke made to meet the practice requirements exactly. All the items we make have been designed by us and are manufactured in the UK.

In addition to equipment used within practice, we offer our Active Recovery pressure relief bed for sale by practices on a trade drop ship basis.

We support the Animal Care Trust.

About Us



BDBCo.VET is part of the Big Dog Bed Company. It has come about as the result of being approached by veterinary physiotherapists to make beds and mats for particular purposes. The first item made and tested was the Physiotherapy Floor Mat. This was designed to provide a generously sized, comfortable working surface that was also easy to clean. As these mats have been used, they have been shown to deliver so much more than simply comfort.

The Active Recovery pressure relief bed was developed when therapists requested a bed for dogs suffering from arthritis and undergoing rehabilitation. It is now also offered to practices as a post-operative recovery bed.

It is this partnership between veterinary professionals and ourselves that has led to the development of all the equipment offered here and continues to deliver new designs. If there is something you need, but can't source, speak to us as we may be able to help.

The Big Dog Bed Company itself designs and makes high quality dog beds in the UK. The company was formed when it was found to be impossible to purchase a dog bed for large dogs that was fit for purpose, ie one that provided sufficient quality of support, was large enough and that could be easily washed.

The product range offered by the Big Dog Bed company has grown and now includes a range for even the smallest of dogs. All our beds are distinguished by being designed to provide the highest quality of sleeping environment for all dogs. Sleep quality affects health and behaviour of a dog and is a central part of their overall well-being. We design beds we want our dogs to have.

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BDBCo.VET sells online and can be viewed at some specialist veterinary events.  A sample of our fabric and foam can be provided on request. If you would like to arrange a visit to your practice, please phone 01491 818460 or email .

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